The Best Birthday Messages

Birthday messages lets your loved ones know just how much you appreciate them. Whether they are in the form of happy birthday pictures, quotes or cards these messages carry the power to let someone know that you care. Take a look at our various birthday message categories to choose the message that suits you!


Choosing the Best Birthday Message

Firstly, your message has to be customised according to who you give it to! You do not want to send a crude, sexy message to your grandmother. While most of us naturally assess the personality of the receiver when we are choosing a message not all sensibilities are at top of mind when we think with our hearts and funny bones.


Happy Birthday Pictures

Sometimes pictures speak louder than words. While we may have wrote letters and sent cards ten years ago, now we have smartphones and computers and sending a special birthday message is quite easy and effortless. Take a look at the best birthday graphics you can send to your loved one now!


Happy birthday message       Happy-Birthday-picture       birthday-picture-happy


Birthday Wishes for a Friend

When wishing your friends, there is usually much freedom with our choices of messages as friends are usually situated outside our close, nuclear families sharing common interests and personality traits with us already. As always, make sure your friend can handle your humour, appreciates your sentiment or is open in whatever way to the message you are about to send else there will be issues. Take a look at the best birthday wishes for your friend.


Birthday Wishes for a Sister

Your sister may be your close friend or confidant, a tomboy, difficult or caring but her love for you is usually guaranteed. Take a look at the top birthday messages for your sister.


Birthday messages for Mom

Moms are special, period! They make a huge impression on your life, mostly for the positive. They can be a strong support structure and a nurturer of note. It’s no secret that we all look for qualities of our parents in our partners whether we want to or not. Show her how you feel about her with your birthday message tailored for mom.


Romantic Birthday Messages for a Boyfriend or Girlfriend

There is no better time than a birthday to spoil your boyfriend or girlfriend. Before we continue – please save the birthdate in your calendar. Done? Ok. Valentine’s Day is overrated and is more about couples than that special someone in your life. It is sometimes a forced exchange of gifts. Birthdays however are special and remind us of who we were even before we were old enough to date. Here are the best romantic birthday wishes.


Sweet Birthday Messages

Sweet birthday messages have the “aww” factor and can involve teddy bears, cute animals, babies or even a simple sweet line. Take a look at the sweetest birthday messages that you can find online right here!


Funny Birthday Wishes

Humorous birthday messages have stood the test of time and range from the light-hearted that you can send to family and friends to the crude, hilarious and wise. There are great funny quotes you can use as well as potently humorous anecdotes that makes a message memorable. Here’s the best funny birthday wishes.